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Construction Zone Disturbing Neighbourhood

Helping Edmontonians Hold

City Hall Accountable

City of Edmonton Zoning

The Coalition for Better Infill is a network of citizens from across Edmonton who are deeply concerned about the city’s de-regulation of the infill development industry.


Our supporters include planners, architects, and engineers; environmentalists and builders; community organizers, entrepreneurs, seniors and young families.

Better Infill is run by volunteers and funded by donations. 


Hello BetterInfill—

Here are three items we urge you to check, to understand why Edmonton’s current city council should rethink its commitment to district plans, zoning bylaw changes, and the increasingly problematic city plan.

1. A wonderful article by renowned Edmonton writer Ed Struzik:

2. A highly informative video by CBC’s Andrew Chang about Canada’s housing crisis:

3. A terrific Globe and Mail article:

Changes to bylaws give huge flexibility to infill developers and take away most opportunities for you to appeal projects, even on your own block.

This means your new district plan could allow for a mid-rise or high-rise building to be built next door.

Imagine the uncertainty of not knowing what could be built beside you.



Are you Aware?

Infill developers building mid-rise and high-rise buildings next door.
Construction Zone in a peaceful neighbourhood

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Stay Informed

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