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Resources About City of Edmonton Bylaws


Further Infill and Bylaw Resources

Learn more about urban planning and concerns about proposed changes to Edmonton's bylaws.

“The Unassailable Case Against Blanket Rezoning” (Calgary) by Sano Stante & Stephen Shawcross
"Upzoning Shouldn’t Be Given For Free, Says Economist”
“Here’s a model for other Edmonton communities to consider.”
“Can we build needed housing while preserving local democracy?”
Scona District Community Council Submission to Urban Planning
Understanding the Notion of a “Tenant Class"
Beyond Density: The Priority is Affordability
City of Edmonton Zoning

Did You Know?

City council is pushing through district plans that will upend neighborhoods across the city, and is considering unilateral rezonings to allow 8-20 storey buildings in many neighborhoods.

Community Discussion Over Zoning and Infill
Larry Beasley, former co-director of planning for City of Vancouver and internationally-renowned urban planner.

"Our neighbourhoods are the sacred foundation of our livibility. That doesn't mean there shouldn't be change and intensification in neighbourhoods. There should be. But we should let every neighbourhood decide how they want to do that... Decide how they want to make greatness in their city."

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